Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hop, hop, hop

Well I made it to five of the 13 (not 12 as I thought in my previous post!) shops on the shop hop today. One more than I had planned but hey, I was close so may as well go, right!? I started out the morning going to a shop that is new to me. It's the longest distance from home but OH BOY! It's Heritage Quilts and Fabrics in Newnan, GA. If you are ever traveling south on Interstate 85 make plans to stop by, it's not far from the interstate. She has a great selection of reproductions (19th century, 1930's) especially Jo Mortons. The shop itself is right off the little town square and there are a lot of other interesting looking shops right around the square. A nice little town. I then moved on to Quilts & Fixins, Sweet Home Quilt Co. (also a great selection of reproductions and in a neat old house, very nicely laid out!), Patricks, and Intown Quilters. And here is what followed me home...doesn't look like much does it?

But just lookie at what is in those bags! 3 books, some beautiful reproduction fabrics (mostly Jo Morton but some others as well), goodies from the goodie bags each shop gave out (candy, free patterns, fat quarters, charm squares) batting that I need for Grandma's quilt, much needed needles, a triangle ruler, and some DMC for a couple of stitchery projects.

One thing didn't make it into the pictures and that is the bags of a major quilting necessity (at least in this household!) - CHOCOLATE! From Patricks, Chocolate Crunch Logs and Chocolate covered orange cremes. Whoo Hoo....a great day for me and Petey (that's my loverly little PT Cruiser, she came with the quilt shop sniffer addition - she never fails to find one!). A much needed girls day out.

And now, on to Quiltathoning! More later on my sewing progress for the day.


Lori in South Dakota said...

what a wonderful trip! And chocolate, now you are all set to sew. Ahh--the good life.

JudyL said...

Sounds like a great girl's day out! And the car came with a quilt shop sniffer! I'll have to be sure and ask for one of those if ever I get a new car. Happy sewing!

Lissa Jane said...

laughing @ Judys quilt shop sniffin' car.. teehee..

what a haul! Deb you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE those civil war books, there is a civil war yahoogroup for those books if you are interested.. fabric *sigh* why o why doesn't any locals here stock decent repros????


Jeanne said...

Oh, it sounds like a wonderful day! Your new goodies are all terrific! I love all of the repros!

Nancy said...

Debbie, glad you got to some of the shops. I liked the location of Heritage too - such a neat old town square. I would never have made it to all 13 if it wasn't for the bus. Maybe next year you can do it too - I sure hope to be back. We'll have to compare notes on our favorite shops.