Saturday, June 21, 2008

Treasured Memories

It's been a sad few days in my family. The sweet little baby in this picture is my Aunt Catherine, my Dad's oldest sister, with my beloved Grandmother. Mary Catherine was her first child. This week, 74 years after this picture was taken the little baby went home to be with her mom and dad. With this picture and many more I have many treasured memories of my dear aunt. I remember my Mom and I going with her to quilting bees at the church and I would sit at the corner of the frame listening and watching. Memories of our families camping out, fishing and going to the races. Big sister and baby brother (my Dad) were always very close so this has been difficult for him, for us all. But despite the sadness, there is no more pain and for that I am grateful.


Nadine said...

How moving.... and such a beautiful photo.

My heartfull and friendly thoughts are with you and your dad.


Candace said...

I'm sorry for your loss. It seems you have many good memories and I hope that they will comfort you.

Carolien said...

My condoleances for you and your family, Debbie.
And what a lovely picture of your aunt.

Take care & greetings, Carolien

Chris said...

What a sweet and touching story. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photo.