Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yesterday I went to my grandmother's family reunion. This reunion was begun by her father and his siblings so there are many extended family that attends this annual event in July. I haven't been in years and hate to admit I don't know many of the people in attendance. But this was an opportunity to be with my grandmother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it won't be too much longer before she doesn't know many of these people anymore. It's sad but it was a good day. My mother's two siblings were there with one of their children each. One cousin that I haven't seen in ages and another that I've only seen again recently. We had a grand time reminiscing about our childhood. The three cousins (including me) are the youngest children of each sibling so we were always hanging out together as children. I miss those days. It was great fun growing up in the country, catching lightening bugs, picking flowers, chasing cows, eating freshly picked vegetables from the garden, apples off the big old tree, and grapes from the arbor next to the house.

I also enjoyed spending time with my aunt and seeing all her quilts. More on my family quilting heritage in another post...

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