Saturday, January 19, 2008


It's snowing in Atlanta! Now you gotta understand, it very, very rarely snows here and then it's only a little bit that doesn't stick to anything. But it's been snowing since around 11:00am this morning, varying from big, fluffy flakes to just little bits of snow/ice and now back to big, fluffy flakes! I love to watch it snow. Usually when we get winter precipitation it turns quickly to ice which is not good. My first winter here we had an ice storm that knocked my power out for three days. I had only my gas stove for heat. At least I could cook soup on the stove and snuggle under my quilts for warmth!

Here are a few pictures if you want to see what snow looks like in a southern city!

First, here's Petey turning white - she's supposed to be Cool Vanilla!

Here is what it looks like in the back yard.

Here's Peanut Butter contemplating the snow. He used to love to play in the snow when he was a kitten and we lived farther north of here! But now he's an indoor kitty and can only dream.

Miss Peaches wants to go out too!

It's still snowing, maybe I'll post more pictures later. For now I'm going to be sewing and watching it snow!


Karen said...

In Atlanta, too; the snow was wonderful and so unusual. Love your circle blocks.

Anonymous said...

I came from Hand quilters webring. You are excited about snow and I'm excited about not having snow!! (in OH) It's been unusual for us not have snow this time of the year.
I love your circle blocks. I love your color choice!!