Sunday, December 30, 2007

I've continued working on my strips for the mystery quilt and have pieced quite a bit more but no pictures taken today. I've also spent several hours quilting on a sampler quilt (old UFO!). Otherwise, it has been a relatively uneventful day. Lots of much needed rain made it a perfect day for quilting.

Just to have a picture on this posting I'm including one of a quilt recently completed. This is an I Spy quilt for my SOs grandson. His mom (SOs!) is a quilter, in fact that is how we met. Anyway, she wanted to make a quilt for little Christopher so she cut most of the squares and I pieced it together. She then added the border and quilted and bound it. I think we make a good team!

Oh, and I meant to post about the quilt in my new header. This Lone Star belonged to my great-grandmother. She was a fantastic quilter but did not make this one. She actually won it at a fair. I need to get more pictures of other family quilts to post soon.

That's all for now...back to quilting!

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