Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I've returned home after spending a wonderful Christmas with my parents. Here are a couple of pictures from their home, the first is the Christmas village that belonged to my grandmother. Mother has it for the first time this year and I think it looks quite nice set up in her living room

And here is the beautiful tree. Christmas at home is always the best.

Mother and I made candy like we used to do when I was a young girl - divinity, coconut bon bons, peanut butter balls, peanut brittle. Daddy also asked for a coconut cake so we were busy in the kitchen! We surely don't need to eat it all so I brought the majority home to share with friends.

Gifts were small but meaningful, including the gift of one of my grandmother's rings from mom to me, very special indeed. But the best gift of all was just being together.

And now I'm home for a few days so plan to catch up on quilting, including catching up on Bonnie's mystery quilt. I also plan, hopefully, to get my ufo's and fabric stash better organized so I can get some things done in the new year!

That's all for now...more later.

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